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Liens "Sous-marins"


 -  Les sous-marins radio-commandés.
- Sous-marins russes et soviétiques  
Les Vaisseaux Noirs.
 -  Navimodélisme RC.

- Zone Sous-Marins

Les sous-marins modèle réduit.
The Association of Model Submarine. The Association of Model Submarine
- Paul Stamm Modellbau - PLANs de sous-marins  

PLANs de sous-marins militaires !



Liens Sous-marins RC en anglais :

  • R/C Submarines - Resource for people interested in R/C model submarines. By Timothy M. Smalley.
  • Geoff Reichelt - Features a huge R/C flying boat depth charging R/C submarines.
  • U-25 R/C Submarine - Over 100 images and technical details and this unusual model. By Helmut Berghaus.
  • Scale Shipyards - Fiberglass scale model ship and submarine hulls, cast fittings and accessories.
  • Gato Model Page - Info about the Gato/Balao/Tench classes of submarines. By Matthias Ahrens.
  • Stolarsubcorp Submarines - Information about large, scratch-built R/C submarines in particular the author's 15' T.S.S. Silvertail. By Tim Stolar.
  • Subs on Display - Lots of full-scale sub info and some R/C submarine information and projects. By Johan Heiszwolf.
  • Schiffsmodellbauclub Nuernberg e.V. - Germany/Bavaria club specializing in submarines. Club information, schedule, pics and model registry. Nuernberg, Germany.
  • The SubCommittee - Group interested in model submarines, both display and radio-controlled.
  • David Merriman's R/C Submarines - Parts to allow you to build your own R/C sub.

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